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Some of the best riffling hitch flies on this planet…

riffling hitch fly

Deception at its best

Riffling hitch flies on tube just has that extra something that makes them irresistible to Atlantic Salmon. Most of our fishing is done with surface flies and we have over the years worked on producing the best flies possible…you won’t be disappointed with these flies.

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Look what the guide wrote

steelhead on wake fly

We’ve done so well on your flies over the years and they skate so well that we don’t need to fish anything else when it comes to wake flies!

Mr.Chad Black, BC / Steelhead guide and head manager / Nicholas Dean Lodge
Monster tube caddis

Hi, Jesper & Per Here is a photo of a 40 inch by 21 inch Atlantic salmon we landed on one of your Monster caddis tube flies the last week. You can see the fly hanging from the fish’s mouth (barely). I’ve hunted large salmon for 20 years throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and that fly moves them unlike any other. We’ve had many large fish come to that fly in the last week when other flies just would not move them. ….

Mr. Bill Bryden, NFLD Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitter
Bomber dry fly salmon

Hi Fishmadman, Here a photo of a 44 inch Atlantic hooked on a Black Bomber tube fly in August 2017 on the Lower Humber River, Newfoundland.
I have been a Lower Humber Guide for a number of years and Needless to say, after hooking multiple large Salmon on various Tube Bombers, I am very impressed! 🙂 Thank you and tight lines!

Mr. Paul Rogers, NFLD Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitter
terry byrne

I can tell you this fly and other tube dry flies will definitely be in my arsenal from this point on! Several times I hooked and landed large Atlantic salmon on their creations when my traditional flies and Bombers had no effect on the salmon. The Atlantic Salmon world is continually changing with new gear and techniques, Don’t miss the boat on this new and exciting way to fish dry flies! Give these flies a try! You’ll be more than happy that you took the time!! Thank-you Jesper and Per” Tight Lines!

Mr. Terry Byrne, NFLD,Canada / Professional salmon guide

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Micro Frances tube fly


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Hard Tube 1,4/0,7 mm – 1 meter


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Monster Tube Caddis Big


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Flashback Bug Medium # 4 – 6


Caddisfly - imitating wake flies

Tube Grease Liner Wake fly – Medium #4 orange


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Kit for tying Monster Tube Caddis