A small family business

Fishmadman, a family business based in Denmark, specializes in crafting unique flies designed for steelhead, trout, and salmon. The majority of our fly creations are meticulously tied on tubes, reflecting our commitment to producing the finest quality flies. Drawing inspiration from our extensive experience as anglers and fly tiers, we’ve developed a range of innovative fly patterns. In addition to these, we also offer classic steelhead and salmon patterns, with a preference for tying them on tubes whenever possible.

Tube flies our strongpoint

Our expertise lies particularly in tube flies. To ensure the highest quality, our premium plastic tubes are manufactured in Denmark. We take pride in delivering flies that not only meet but exceed expectations. Whether you explore our offerings at rifflinghitch.com or peruse the wealth of information on Fishmadman.com, we hope our flies inspire your angling adventures. Tight lines from the Fishmadman team!

The Fishmadman team

Per Fischer

Per Fischer
Managing director

A Fishmadman

Per Fischer: Who has worked as Purchaser and Product Specialist on Rio Fly lines, Simms, Hardy And Greys

Per Fischer is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

I’m here to answer any questions about our products and services. Feel free to contact me using any of the following methods:

Email: fishmadman@gmail.com

Managing director

Jesper Fohrmann

Jesper Fohrmann
Developer - Pro tier

A Fishmadman

Jesper Fohrmann: A seasoned freelance journalist and photographer since 1982, he has left an indelible mark on fly fishing, contributing extensively to numerous books and articles across Scandinavia, Europe, and the USA. Jesper also serves as a knowledgeable guide for salmon anglers in Scotland, showcasing his deep expertise in the field.

Last but not least, Jesper Fohrmann does video editing

Don’t hesitate to reach out for inquiries about our products and services. I’m at your disposal to address any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact me through any of the following methods:

Email: jesper@fishmadman.com

Skype: Fishmadman

Responsible for product development


Jim Jørgensen
Developer & Pro Tier

New Fishmadman on the block

Jim is the new guy on the block – But a seasoned angler that prefers dry fly fishing for trout  – Pike fly fishing, and weeks of saltwater fishing for GT´s

Jim is now part of Fishmadman as we need his great skills in fly tying, especially those that produce some of Scandinavia’s best pike flies  – If you need advice on pike fly fishing in Scandinavia…Jim’s your guy.

Responsible for product development

Email: jim@fishmadman.com

our story

In the summer of 2008, Per Fischer and Jesper, Fohrmann decided to start Fishmadman – Fishmadman.com is a homepage focusing on fly fishing for salmon and steelhead. Per and Jesper have a lifelong passion for fly fishing, which drives this homepage and the e-shop on rifflinghitch.com that is part of the Fishmadman homepage.

Tube flies are in our blood.

Sins the 50s, tube flies have been part of how European anglers perceive fly fishing, and Per and Jesper have had tube flies in the box since childhood. Tube flies are a natural part of the way they see fly fishing, and on the pages of Fishmadman and in the online shop, you will see some incredible tube flies – some of these are pretty unique and designed by Jesper and Per.

Big dry flies on tube – a new dry fly design

It was in the mid-’90s that Jesper did his first tube dry flies – These were big Bombers tied on the thin tube made to be fished on a long line on a fast-flowing river in Northern Norway – The flies were light, high floating, and less rigid than those flies tied on long shank hooks – an apparent success was born. The rumour quickly spread among salmon anglers in Northern Scandinavia and Canada.

Monster Tube Caddis – In 1995, Jesper created a caricature like a version of the caddis of the Imnephilidae family. A big caddis-caricature tied on a tube that since has proven to be a superb dry fly for salmon and steelhead

Mice fly on tube

Another innovative tube fly solution is the many mice flies Per has made – Per originally made the range of mice flies for pike anglers here in Scandinavia, but anglers fishing for trout and Taimen salmon soon found a use for this innovative design.

A new way of perceiving how to make  steelhead flies wake

Doing steelhead wake flies was the next obvious step – and in 2010, a series of flies was ready for friends in BC and Oregon – It was quickly evident that steelhead wake flies tied on a tube was a great solution – Today, they do more than a doz. Different steelhead wake patterns.

Written by Richard Maitland, 2016


Most Scandinavian`s would chose tube flies for their salmon and trout fishing. Its convenient and gives us a versatility that is hard to beat – But foremost the tube fly gives the angler the opportunity to fish big or small fly pattern correctly in all kinds of water flow.

Fishmadman today

The inception of tube flies dates back to the late 1930s, and remarkably, they remain as contemporary and pertinent as ever. While tube flies don’t necessarily surpass those tied on a traditional hook shank in terms of effectiveness, they stand out as original and unconventional patterns that empower anglers to explore diverse fishing techniques in various water conditions.

At Fishmadman, we collaborate with a diverse group of fly tiers and passionate fly-fishing enthusiasts to continually innovate new tube fly designs. Our aim is to develop fly-tying materials that enhance the excitement and effectiveness of flies, and we welcome anglers of all levels to contribute to the creation of novel fly patterns.

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Handmade from top to bottom

Handcrafted from top to bottom, Fishmadman produces an extensive range of flies, from substantial 150-millimeter salmon tube flies to diminutive deer hair steelhead bugs. Our team includes a select group of specialized fly tiers renowned for crafting some of the most exceptional handmade flies in the industry.

As we strive to distinguish ourselves in the fly fishing realm, we extend an invitation for collaboration. Both Per and I bring years of experience in the fly fishing business, recognizing the value of working alongside fellow anglers. If tube fly fishing, especially for steelhead and salmon on the surface, piques your interest, reach out to us. By joining our community of VIP anglers, you can contribute to the development of new flies and innovative fishing methods. We’re eager to make it a mutually rewarding experience and collectively explore new frontiers in the world of fly fishing.

Feel free to contact Fishmadman to embark on this exciting journey with us.


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We need your help

We try to be different from the others… It may sound like a hackneyed phrase – but it isn’t. Both Per and I have worked in the fly fishing business for years and know the value of working together with fellow anglers and hope that we can work together with you – If you’re interested in tube fly fishing – steelhead and salmon fishing on the surface – write us, and you could join our community of VIP anglers – We hope to be able to make it worth your while- and together we might develop new flies and new forms of fishing.

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