The different polyleaders we sell – with a bit of guidance

The Airflo TROUT polyleader

A leader for small and medium rivers, difficult fish and fine presentation
Smoothly tapered leader to give you an easy turnover of dries, riffling hitch and other lightweight flies – A favoured leader for summer fishing in low water situations – It delivers your fly accurately without too much disturbance
Strength (core strength)12lb

The Airflo SALMON/STEELHEAD polyleader

A leader for small, medium and bigger rivers – distance casting wind conditions 
The Airflo Salmon/steelhead polyleader is available with us in one length (5 feet) and two densities; hover and intermediate.
This is our preferred leader for fishing with Bombers and other bulky flies that need that extra to be turned over when casting on distance. The leader stays just below the surface when fishing and is perfect for avoiding drag or casting frightening shadows.  
Strength (core strength) 24lb

The Airflo SEA TROUT/STEELHEAD poly leader

A leader for bigger and medium rivers – Distance casting and fine presentation
Developed for the big Scandinavian Sea-Trout, this leader is equally at home for big steelhead. The shorter 8’ length is preferred by anglers fishing lighter line sizes and single hand rods, yet still, require the heavy breaking strain leaders required to land these fish in difficult conditions we also use this leader for high water conditions and obviously also our double hand rods
Strength (core) 24lb


The Airflo SALMON EXTRA STRONG polyleader

A leader for bigger rivers, high water, hook and hold fishing…better fly presentation with heavy fly lines
The strong leader for extra heavy water and bigger fish. A polyleader that offers great turnover for bulky and heavy flies. A leader that can change heavy shooting heads and ditto full fly lines into fly lines that will present the fly better – Your best connection for heavy fly lines


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