salmon on smal tube flies

The realy small stuff


Why such small tube flies?

Small flies is just an important part of the salmon and trout fly box. We tend to forget that salmon and trout are more than ferosious predators – they are also highly adaptable critters that could blend into an inviroment ant take advantage of what food source is avaliable. It is these skills that we tap into when we reach for the small flies in our fly-box.

It could be in tha slow pool where salmon and steelhead have settled down, a place where they only will encounter small hatching insects during summer – where a traditional salmon or steelhead fly would look very wrong and where presentation realy matters.

You have to loose fish on small flies

The sooner you get around this fact the better. Pitching miniature flies to bigger fish has always been a heart beating toppic and we at Fishmadman love this sport but you will have to accept the fact that you will be loosing more fish than you might want to do. The flies are small and to be able to present these flies correctly they have to be fitted with small hooks, and such hooks may be bend outwards during great runs… and flies and hook may fly right out of the mouth of your dream fish when it tumbles accros the surface… but we would say that this is far better than had you never been able to hook-up with that same fish.

You have to loose fish on small flies – the sooner you get around this fact the better.

Learn to fight them

Fighting big fish on small hooks dosent have to be very dramatic – it can be – but if your carefull and take it easy the fish will very often be compliant and finaly come to you. You will need to prepare a bit for this kind of fishing and here are some things you can do to make things work

  • Use a fly reel that has a light ratched or a ajustable breake that will allowe you to controle a powerful run where you have to admit line out quickly
  • Use (as we do) a soft tippet material on your leader…We preffere soft nylon like Maxima Chameleon or Original Streen. These nylon brands will stretch when under strain…something quite valuable when the fish jumps or shakes it head.
  • Use only the best hooks avaliable. Hooks allready designed for the job of fighting big fish.
salmon on bomber

We do 14 big Tube Bombers – big is # 2–4

We do 16 medium Tube Bombers – medium is # 4-6

We do 14 big Tube Bombers – big is # 2–4

Steelhead beatle

The essential steelhead fly patterns tied on tube

We have completely changed the way of doing steelhead wake flies – By using the riffling hitch tube fly system on steelhead patterns – You no longer have to work with demanding hitch knots or technical advice on how to do them.

Just put your leader inside the hole in the fly – tie on your hook and start fishing your wake fly – modern wake flies are as easy as that.

riffling hitch technique

A wake fly classic

The Grease Liner: Favored classic for steelhead and a “must-have” in the fly box if you aim for steelhead in B.C Canada. The original version of the Grease liner tied on single hooks… could be difficult to keep skating… this is not a problem with the tube version…

Sunray Shadow iridescent Green

Essential long winged tube flies

Riffling Hitch Flies



Fishmadman Best sellers

Hard Tube 1,4/0,7 mm – 1 meter

Dead-drift version

Fishmadman Best sellers

Monster Tube Caddis Small

Dead-drift version

Fishmadman Best sellers

Monster Tube Caddis Big


Fishmadman Best sellers

Flashback Bug Medium # 4 – 6

Wake version

Caddisfly - imitating wake flies

Wake Monster Tube Caddis – Medium # 4 – 6

Bomber dry fly salmon

Hi Fishmadman, Here a photo of a 44 inch Atlantic hooked on a Black Bomber tube fly in August 2017 on the Lower Humber River, Newfoundland.
I have been a Lower Humber Guide for a number of years and Needless to say, after hooking multiple large Salmon on various Tube Bombers, I am very Impressed! 🙂 Thank you and tight lines!

Mr. Paul Rogers, NFLD Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitter,
terry byrne

I can tell you this fly and other tube dry flies will definitely be in my arsenal from this point on! Several times I hooked and landed large Atlantic salmon on their creations when my traditional flies and Bombers had no effect on the salmon. The Atlantic Salmon world is continually changing with new gear and techniques, Don’t miss the boat on this new and exciting way to fish dry flies! Give these flies a try! You’ll be more than happy that you took the time!! Thank-you Jesper and Per” Tight Lines!

Mr. Terry Byrne, NFLD,Canada / Professional salmon guide



The Baltic Sea

An arm of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea is enclosed by Sweden and Denmark to the northwest, Finland to the northeast, the Baltic countries to the southeast, and the North European Plain to the southwest. The Baltic Sea is one of the largest brackish inland seas by area and occupies a basin formed by glacial erosion during the last few ice ages.


We also have a Monster Tube Caddis made for wake-skate fishing.

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