Leaders and tippet material - Perfect for surface fishing

poly leaders for riffling hitch

The leader is an extension of your fly line

The link between our fly line and fly is of great importance to our casting and presentation skills and choice of leader and tippet material is often debated among anglers. 

For more than one reason sinking polyleaders fit perfectly into the world of surface fishing and I will try to highlight some of the reasons why. 

3 very good reasons why you should use a poly leader for your surface fly fishing

Airflo polyleader sea trout steelhead clear Hover 1

Our leaders are Airflo Polyleaders

Airflo is the industry-leading manufacturer of poly leaders. Incredibly versatile non PVC technology tapered leaders that will outperform most other poly leaders on the market – We carry a small selection of leaders in 5 – 8 and 10 foot – in the desnseties: hover and intermediate


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Maxima tippet material - The best nylon avaliable

Our choice of tippet material

Maxima Chameleon tippet material is the given choice for so many salmon and trout anglers around the world and for a good reason – it does what it promisses.

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There are many reasons why you should stick with Maxima Chameleon.